Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mean bosses.  Got one?  Had one?

Why do people have to be so mean? Who knows.
I think people who take their unhappiness out on
others especially at work are like those people
who pick up a gun and randomly shoot innocent
people.  Does this make sense?

Understandably some bosses are under tremendous
pressure.  No excuses but true.   We all
have so many things going in our lives and inside
ourselves.   My pastor says that hurting people
hurt people.  Not an excuse by any means but
most of the time this is it.

Obviously if your boss is yelling and cursing
at you in front of others or in private
it's time to leave that job.  No matter how much
power or money they have it's not necessary.

I know...I have experienced many different
scenarios in my years of working and
witnessed some horrible things.  Your
quality of life means more than the paycheck.
Yes, we all need the money.  Do I know, I
have a mortgage to pay for.  If you can't
leave just yet, work out a plan to get it
in motion.

If you have to endure just think that maybe
they have a bad case of constipation or
they are so jealous of you they can't stand
it! You know what I mean.  My mom always
says I just say they must be crazy, poor thing.

Being like a duck and letting it roll off
your back is best.  Don't take it in...just do
your job to your best ability and smile like
you know something they don't!

Wishing you great days ahead!

XO Carrie