Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mean bosses.  Got one?  Had one?

Why do people have to be so mean? Who knows.
I think people who take their unhappiness out on
others especially at work are like those people
who pick up a gun and randomly shoot innocent
people.  Does this make sense?

Understandably some bosses are under tremendous
pressure.  No excuses but true.   We all
have so many things going in our lives and inside
ourselves.   My pastor says that hurting people
hurt people.  Not an excuse by any means but
most of the time this is it.

Obviously if your boss is yelling and cursing
at you in front of others or in private
it's time to leave that job.  No matter how much
power or money they have it's not necessary.

I know...I have experienced many different
scenarios in my years of working and
witnessed some horrible things.  Your
quality of life means more than the paycheck.
Yes, we all need the money.  Do I know, I
have a mortgage to pay for.  If you can't
leave just yet, work out a plan to get it
in motion.

If you have to endure just think that maybe
they have a bad case of constipation or
they are so jealous of you they can't stand
it! You know what I mean.  My mom always
says I just say they must be crazy, poor thing.

Being like a duck and letting it roll off
your back is best.  Don't take it in...just do
your job to your best ability and smile like
you know something they don't!

Wishing you great days ahead!

XO Carrie

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Rockin' Women - Chrissie Hynde

Chrissie Hynde
One of rocks legendary women

Christine Ellen "Chrissie" Hynde - born 
September 7, 1951 in Akron, Ohio.  
Yep, 1951!  Chrissie as most know was one of 
the band members in the rock/new wave group 
the Pretenders.  One of my favorite bands in 
the 80's which dates me...yesssss.   
Legendary singer, songwriter and guitarist.

According to Wikipedia..........

Hynde is the daughter of a part-time secretary 
and a Yellow Pages manager. 
She graduated from Firestone High School 
in Akron, Ohio. She stated that "I was never too 
interested in high school. I mean, 
I never went to a dance, I never went out on a date, 
I never went steady. It became pretty awful 
for me. Except, of course, I could go see bands, 
and that was the kick. I used to go to 
Cleveland just to see any band. So I was in love a 
lot of the time, but mostly with guys in bands 
that I had never met. For me, knowing that 
Brian Jones was out there, and later that 
Iggy Pop was out there, made it kind of 
hard for me to get too interested in the 
guys that were around me. I had, 
uh, bigger things in mind."[3]

Chrissie's story is pretty interesting. 
Look her up on Wikipedia read the whole story.  
Truly fascinating life!   What intrigues me is 
even though she has aged she is 
still...very cool!
60 years old now and still looks like 
she can rock  your socks off! 
 I love that she always had her "look".  
Didn't matter what fashions were
happening...she rocked her own look. 
Chrissie still has the same style she 
started out with and can pull it off.  
Too many women give up and 
start dressing like their friends and what 
so-called fashion for their 
age says they should wear. I say if 
you can still rock it, do it.  Don't 
give up and in.  You are only as young 
as you want to feel.  Who cares
about the laugh lines or the grey hair 
(you can color that!).The great thing 
about growing older...is you are much
 wiser and confident....this 
older gal (me) isn't gonna 
give up....not for a long time! 

Now check out some of Chrissie's 
styles through the years........

Of course the band!

With another rockin' woman...Debbie Harry - Blondie!

No matter who she is around....she is

Thanks Chrissie for all the great years of 
music and style you have contributed!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Friends...Who they truly should be!

Friends Forever!

Recently I was reading in one of my 27 books.   Yes I am trying to read them all at once.  No really, a little of this one and little that one.  Just don't ask me what I read! Hahahha!   Anyways, this one book I am reading is called The New Relationship Marketing by Mari Smith.   She wrote something that just resonated with me so very much.   It was a list of traits a True friend should be  and you should be in return.  Short and sweet but here it is.....words, sentences, feelings, bullet points to ponder! XO Carrie

  • You feel comfortable confiding your innermost secrets to them.
  • If ever the need arose, you would loan money to and/or borrow money from these friends
  • If you were ever in the hospital, these would be the friends who would come and visit you and vice versa
  • You trust these friends to look after your home and your children whenever necessary
  • You could call any of these friends in the middle of the night in case of an emergency
  • Any of these friends would happily drop you off and pick you up at the airport
  • You connect with these friends regularly
  • You often spend holidays together with these friends

Now obviously if you live far apart some of this doesn't work but if you did you know they would be there right?
I can say apart from my mom and sister....the one I know is my truest, bestist (I made that word up) friend in the entire world is Sandie.  We have been BFF's since we were 11 yrs old!  Been through alot together and apart.  Moved faraway, didn't talk, got back in touch and yet through it all we are still those two 11 year old girls singing as we petal our bikes down the street! Love you San! XO Carrie

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

BIG BANGS...want a new look in seconds?

BIG BANGS!!!  Ok, I have to confess!
I did cut my bangs.  I had the type of
sweep over bang everyone loves but I got
bored.  Everyone runs when I say to
them, "what do you think if I...xxx to my hair?"
All of a sudden I am alone.  I can clear
room with that statement! Through the years
I have done tons of things to my hair. That's
why everyone runs...hee hee.........
My hairdresser is shocked at how great of
condition it's in.  The secret?  Good hair
 products...and if you don't have strong hair
take some Biotin. It works!!!!

Now the bangs...they are talking about
in fashion...they are the best to change
your look without changing your overall
haircut!  Dying it pink (as above) is optional
if you want to change from BIG BANG to
BIG BADA BOOM!  I love the platinum with
the soft pink...it just won't work with me
in alot of ways.

Let's move on to more bang ideas!

Long blonde hair...ahhh! So pretty...
hair I always wanted...I should be
happy I "have" hair at all!!!

Oh I love this look...so clean and
tailored.  Yummy color too!  Had
my hair like this once, it was

60's a go-go! If you have healthy
thick hair...this will definitely
make  a statement....mm..mm
Talk about gorgeous hair! Wow! Again
hair I wish I had.  The bangs the
soft waves..really pretty!
Camilla is so pretty - I think. This
is my favorite look on her....this
is going to be my new style.  I got
the bangs now I need the length!!!
Again always a favorite of mine.
Perfect face framing!
Basically same hair cut as above
only this girl has super thin hair.
Notice both hair thicknesses and color
can look fabulous!
This is my all time favorite! Hahahhah
Just kidding! Isn't this crazy? How did
they do that?  Do you know how many
cans of AquaNet they must have used?
She can probably scrape paint off of
a car with that hair! Yikes...

Well bangs have always done me
right.  I think I will stick with them.
Remember strive to wear what looks
great on you and not what every single
other girl/woman is wearing! Like
your clothes..only wear what you love and
looks great on YOU! Then, your theme song
will be...I feel pretty, oh so pretty...and
XO Carrie

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Do you Know What your Passion is?

Have you found it?  I know for myself I have lost it, looked
for it, found it, lost it and looking for it.  Knowing what
I thought it was was amazing.  I felt happy, energized and
confident.  When I lost it I felt sad, hopeless and frustrated.
The search was reading books and reading anything online
that I thought would open up my world and become that
glorious moment.  The "Ah-Ha" moment.
I so admire those who from a small age just know it.  Those
that find it early on.  The people with such blessings as
obvious talents like a neon sign above their head light
the way.  My talents aren't so obvious but many developed
over a long time.  Some are in need of some serious
dusting off.

 Those that have found their passion well Bravo! Continue on
even if it seems unreal and hard.  Being excited and passionate
is such a gift.  Encourage those around you that are lost and
need some cheerleading in their life.  When you encourage
others you are also encouraging yourself.

For the still confused well keep searching. Never ever
give up even when it seems hopeless.  I have read alot
of books but one of the best I have read recently  is
by Barbara Winter.  It's called Making a Living Without
a Job.  Great information and very real.  Usually they
tell you to look back when you were a child and try to
remember what were the things that you loved to do.
For me there were too many.  So I broke my life down
in age increments.  I started at 5 to 10 years of age.
Then 11 to 13...14 to 18...19 to 24.  After that I thought
you know there are certain things I loved then and I still
love.  I am older and some of the ideas are past their
expiration date but I realized some aren't.  So I  am now
figuring out how to work on obtaining my passion that
fits in my life and responsibilites I have now.  Yoda in
Star Wars said "there is no try only do!"  I love that.
One of best friends told me you will definitely have 
your answer if you never try...which is, No.

 So continue to search! They also told Fred Astaire the
famous dancer that he could dance "a little".   Ha...then
look what happened.  
I came across a website that is pretty interesting. You 
might want to check it out...go to http://www.sitsgirls.com/.
We all need support and networking right? You would
be surprised how many people out there still want to
help others.  I haven't told you anything earth shattering
or new I know.  Just know that I am right there with ya.
I am not giving up until the Lord calls me home.  We were all
blessed with a gift...now lets continue to care for it 
and/or search it out.  
If you have anything to share on this topic I would 
love to hear it!  Come on help a sister out!!!!
Love you all!
Remember........ Courage!
XO Carrie

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Do you have Love?

Do you have love?  We are all searching for love.  Sometimes
people don't know how to search for real love.  There are many
who confuse love with so many things.   If you don't know
how to really give love...then how do you know when you
are receiving "real" love.  One way I know love is in my belief.
Being a Christian I have found true love in Jesus.  What
more can you ask for when He died on the Cross for us.
Talk about self sacrifice and true love for each and
everyone of us.  So when you go searching for love make
sure what you are giving is the most you can give.  You
will have no regrets no matter what happens. 
One thing I remember in searching for that special
someone is I want them to love me no matter what
happens to us or to me.  So many stories of people
leaving others because they couldn't stand next to
you during the hard times..the tough stuff life throws
at us.  Find the one that will love you whether you gain
weight, get a horrible sickness, loose everything and
more.  Those are the people to hold on to.  True
partnership.  Now think about it....who in your life is
like that?  If you have someone, even one person
tell them how much you appreciate them! 
What do you think love is and are you giving back?
Love to all!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Hi everyone!  Well some of you will know me by Carrie Fabulous. 
That was my fashion outlet.This is now my - OUTLET! 
Anything and everything!  I welcome comments be they nice, fun
and constructive.   
I am a talker so you never know what will come out on this one!

I guess a good place to start is....the WORK PLACE!  I haven't seen Horrible
Bosses but would like to.  I am sure some of you can relate in one way or another. 
We all have peoplethat are hard to work with or just plain difficult to understand. 
It's tough considering youspend 8 hours of your day with these people. 
I commute about an hour each way so itmakes the day long. 
I live in Southern California which I am sure you have heard and/or
experienced our traffic.  It's just...well...horrific. 

I use to drive like a mad woman.  I can say I have never been
shot at but I am sure plenty of people at one time wanted to.  Positive that
my name was changed to things that weren't so nice either. 
Ya know though, I realized they are going to work not as fast as I want to
but they are dealing with the same junk I am.  Maybe they are having a hard
day already.No one is a perfect driver...although I thought I was a perfect car racer! 
So by the time you get to work...we are less than ready to say..Good Morning
with a big smile on our face.  I was always able to let it go though.  Then it was
time to workand enjoy my co-workers for the day. That is another post! hee hee 
Anyone have a difficult morning like that? What are some good ways to
cope?  No guns please..:)

Well just remember there is always someone worse off than you.  It's a blessing just
to get there in one piece!
Wishing you a safe drive, calm and ready with a smile!

PS...yep gotta work on the typing lay out...:)