Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Do you have Love?

Do you have love?  We are all searching for love.  Sometimes
people don't know how to search for real love.  There are many
who confuse love with so many things.   If you don't know
how to really give love...then how do you know when you
are receiving "real" love.  One way I know love is in my belief.
Being a Christian I have found true love in Jesus.  What
more can you ask for when He died on the Cross for us.
Talk about self sacrifice and true love for each and
everyone of us.  So when you go searching for love make
sure what you are giving is the most you can give.  You
will have no regrets no matter what happens. 
One thing I remember in searching for that special
someone is I want them to love me no matter what
happens to us or to me.  So many stories of people
leaving others because they couldn't stand next to
you during the hard times..the tough stuff life throws
at us.  Find the one that will love you whether you gain
weight, get a horrible sickness, loose everything and
more.  Those are the people to hold on to.  True
partnership.  Now think about it....who in your life is
like that?  If you have someone, even one person
tell them how much you appreciate them! 
What do you think love is and are you giving back?
Love to all!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Hi everyone!  Well some of you will know me by Carrie Fabulous. 
That was my fashion outlet.This is now my - OUTLET! 
Anything and everything!  I welcome comments be they nice, fun
and constructive.   
I am a talker so you never know what will come out on this one!

I guess a good place to start is....the WORK PLACE!  I haven't seen Horrible
Bosses but would like to.  I am sure some of you can relate in one way or another. 
We all have peoplethat are hard to work with or just plain difficult to understand. 
It's tough considering youspend 8 hours of your day with these people. 
I commute about an hour each way so itmakes the day long. 
I live in Southern California which I am sure you have heard and/or
experienced our traffic.  It's just...well...horrific. 

I use to drive like a mad woman.  I can say I have never been
shot at but I am sure plenty of people at one time wanted to.  Positive that
my name was changed to things that weren't so nice either. 
Ya know though, I realized they are going to work not as fast as I want to
but they are dealing with the same junk I am.  Maybe they are having a hard
day already.No one is a perfect driver...although I thought I was a perfect car racer! 
So by the time you get to work...we are less than ready to say..Good Morning
with a big smile on our face.  I was always able to let it go though.  Then it was
time to workand enjoy my co-workers for the day. That is another post! hee hee 
Anyone have a difficult morning like that? What are some good ways to
cope?  No guns please..:)

Well just remember there is always someone worse off than you.  It's a blessing just
to get there in one piece!
Wishing you a safe drive, calm and ready with a smile!

PS...yep gotta work on the typing lay out...:)