Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Friends...Who they truly should be!

Friends Forever!

Recently I was reading in one of my 27 books.   Yes I am trying to read them all at once.  No really, a little of this one and little that one.  Just don't ask me what I read! Hahahha!   Anyways, this one book I am reading is called The New Relationship Marketing by Mari Smith.   She wrote something that just resonated with me so very much.   It was a list of traits a True friend should be  and you should be in return.  Short and sweet but here it is.....words, sentences, feelings, bullet points to ponder! XO Carrie

  • You feel comfortable confiding your innermost secrets to them.
  • If ever the need arose, you would loan money to and/or borrow money from these friends
  • If you were ever in the hospital, these would be the friends who would come and visit you and vice versa
  • You trust these friends to look after your home and your children whenever necessary
  • You could call any of these friends in the middle of the night in case of an emergency
  • Any of these friends would happily drop you off and pick you up at the airport
  • You connect with these friends regularly
  • You often spend holidays together with these friends

Now obviously if you live far apart some of this doesn't work but if you did you know they would be there right?
I can say apart from my mom and sister....the one I know is my truest, bestist (I made that word up) friend in the entire world is Sandie.  We have been BFF's since we were 11 yrs old!  Been through alot together and apart.  Moved faraway, didn't talk, got back in touch and yet through it all we are still those two 11 year old girls singing as we petal our bikes down the street! Love you San! XO Carrie


  1. I love those friendships where even time or space can't touch them! I've got a couple of those and I love them to death!


  2. Great post. Love how you included a bit of the book. Going on my must read list for this year. man, how can you are reading 27 books at once? I can barely read two books at the same time. LOL.

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  3. This is wonderful!!! It's taken me many years to figure out just who my true friends but I am happy to say that I have 3 solid best friends that are always there when I need them and have always been there. We've had our ups and downs growing up (we all met freshmen year in high school) but have all gladly found our ways back to one another and there isn't much better then genuine friends!
    This is a great post!!
    Darling Bonnie

  4. I am going to read this book! I completely agree with your post! p.s the dog picture is just too adorable!!! x

  5. Aww this pic is too too cute! Partners in crime...what every friendship should be about!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, hope you'll be back to visit sometime!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


  6. Now that is a true friendship! Thanks for your comments on my blog :)

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  8. Beautiful! :)

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  10. Great post! I am lucky to have a few friends who I can truly say are good friends! :)