Saturday, September 24, 2011

Do you Know What your Passion is?

Have you found it?  I know for myself I have lost it, looked
for it, found it, lost it and looking for it.  Knowing what
I thought it was was amazing.  I felt happy, energized and
confident.  When I lost it I felt sad, hopeless and frustrated.
The search was reading books and reading anything online
that I thought would open up my world and become that
glorious moment.  The "Ah-Ha" moment.
I so admire those who from a small age just know it.  Those
that find it early on.  The people with such blessings as
obvious talents like a neon sign above their head light
the way.  My talents aren't so obvious but many developed
over a long time.  Some are in need of some serious
dusting off.

 Those that have found their passion well Bravo! Continue on
even if it seems unreal and hard.  Being excited and passionate
is such a gift.  Encourage those around you that are lost and
need some cheerleading in their life.  When you encourage
others you are also encouraging yourself.

For the still confused well keep searching. Never ever
give up even when it seems hopeless.  I have read alot
of books but one of the best I have read recently  is
by Barbara Winter.  It's called Making a Living Without
a Job.  Great information and very real.  Usually they
tell you to look back when you were a child and try to
remember what were the things that you loved to do.
For me there were too many.  So I broke my life down
in age increments.  I started at 5 to 10 years of age.
Then 11 to 13...14 to 18...19 to 24.  After that I thought
you know there are certain things I loved then and I still
love.  I am older and some of the ideas are past their
expiration date but I realized some aren't.  So I  am now
figuring out how to work on obtaining my passion that
fits in my life and responsibilites I have now.  Yoda in
Star Wars said "there is no try only do!"  I love that.
One of best friends told me you will definitely have 
your answer if you never try...which is, No.

 So continue to search! They also told Fred Astaire the
famous dancer that he could dance "a little".   Ha...then
look what happened.  
I came across a website that is pretty interesting. You 
might want to check it out...go to
We all need support and networking right? You would
be surprised how many people out there still want to
help others.  I haven't told you anything earth shattering
or new I know.  Just know that I am right there with ya.
I am not giving up until the Lord calls me home.  We were all
blessed with a lets continue to care for it 
and/or search it out.  
If you have anything to share on this topic I would 
love to hear it!  Come on help a sister out!!!!
Love you all!
Remember........ Courage!
XO Carrie


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  6. love the article...

    Those that have found their passion well Bravo! Continue on
    even if it seems unreal and hard. Being excited and passionate
    is such a gift. Encourage those around you that are lost and
    need some cheerleading in their life. When you encourage
    others you are also encouraging yourself.

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  7. gosh.. nice post. I can say that I am one of those that lost track of what I really want to. :)

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  9. Thanks for this post and sharing the link. I'm still looking for my passion..and a career...

  10. Career should follow passion. As it's said, "do the thing you spent most of your time procrastinating doing." :)

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  12. I don't think a lot of time you end up doing what your completely passionate about. Sometimes it ends up that way but I think it's always important to incorporate it some how in your life.


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